Get ready to unfold your world.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 (5G) is everything you’d want in a premium, durable, 5G smartphone — designed to unfold to reveal a massive screen so that you can watch, work and play like never


In the past, Samsung offered a wide range of smartphones — with the A-series, S-series, Note line, and now fascinating foldables with high level of engineering and craftsmanship.

Foldables are likely to increase in popularity, driven forward by the innovation, available options, and more affordable prices offered by Samsung.

The Z Fold3 (5G) has addressed many of the past issues, and the third time around, it is a charm. Since there is no new Note in 2021, there is more reason now to pull out the credit card for the Z Fold 3.

Here are 10 reasons to pick up the Galaxy Z Fold3:

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