IN a 2015 global Nielsen survey, almost 60% of shoppers said they actively buy from Brands they know, and 21% said they bought a product because they liked the brand. Branding gives consumers something to relate to and connect with, as it helps consumers distinguish your business across every medium. It also makes your business memorable as it is the face of your company.

Here are the three phases of Branding, which gives your business an identity beyond its products or services, which can be the deciding factor for consumers when they make a purchase decision:

1. BRAND STRATEGY will map out how you are different, trustworthy, memorable, and likable by your ideal customers — It conveys your purpose, promises, and how you solve problems for others. You can think of brand strategy as the blueprint for how you want the world to see your business. Brand strategy is a critical and foundational piece for building a successful brand. It’s one of the areas that most businesses overlook because they jump right into design and marketing.

2. BRAND IDENTITY is how you convey your message to the public with visuals, messaging, and experience — Your brand strategy will influence how you present your identity and align it with your purpose for the most impact. Your elements of brand identity should be applied across all channels consistently. It is the way you make your business recognizable with logos, colors and fonts, website design, content, advertising, print or packaging, and more.

3. BRAND MARKETING is the way that businesses or organizations highlight and bring awareness to their products and services — Branding adds recognition and impact to your marketing and advertising, by connecting values and voices to the right audience through strategic communication and encourages employees’ pride. When you brand your company, you are not only giving your business identity, you are also creating a reputable, highly-regarded workplace.