As a small business owner, you might be wondering how to use Tik-Tok to promote your business. Unlike what some people may think, Tik Tok isn’t just a new social media platform for teens to post pranks or dancing videos. In fact there are many businesses that use Tik Tok to promote their brand.

Here are five ideas to get your customers to know you better.

1. Introduce Yourself: A great first TikTok video for small business owners is to introduce themselves. The more personal your business feels, the more people will be able to relate. Share your name, a few fun facts about yourself and a little about your business so people can get to know you as soon as they follow.

2. Workspace Tour: Share your workspace with your customers! They will love to see where your products are created. Do you have a dedicated home office? Do you have a retail location? Do you work at your kitchen table? Showing off your workspace helps your customers relate to you even more.

3. Day in the Life: Take your followers along with you on a typical day as a small business owner! Show a few things that you do throughout the day; everything from the tedious things like paperwork and phone calls to the more exciting things like designing a new product line. This will help your customers understand what it’s really like to be a small business owner.

4. Success Story: There are lots of success stories on TikTok. What will yours be? Can you share your biggest achievement? Or what was something you accomplished in your small business that you are really proud of? Don’t be afraid to brag a little bit!

5. Meet The Team: It’s nice for your customers to get to know you as well as the team that helps your small business stay afloat. Can your team members each do a video to introduce themselves? Or are you a family-run business? Let your customers get to know the people behind your business.