IF you want to give customers a reason to spend more on your products and services, think like a lifestyle Brand. For example, having the right branding and logo design can make or break a company. By creating an attractive, global brand based on emotions and inspiration will help you to

create different touchpoints for your Brand Story, and avoid stale and repetitive messaging to create a maximum impact.

Here is a checklist to help you shape your brand-building process and craft stories that will get to the heart of the business, and tap into the company’s heritage to create a rallying point for consumers.

1. MEASURE IT — Collect quantitative data before you embark on a project. You can compare this with the data collected after the launch to measure the effectiveness of your work.

2. RESEARCH IT — A rebrand is pointless unless it is formed from thorough market insight. Try to fully understand customer behaviour, both inside-out, and adjacent to your category.

3. TIME IT — Markets change quickly, so act on the research swiftly to avoid missing out. Having a clear timeline and project plan will ensure that you don’t spend too long planning.

4. MAKE IT CLEAR — Create a future-proof icon by distilling the marque — a brand or make of a product (such as a sports car) to a bare minimum. This will help to clarify whats on offer and readies the Branding for use on merchandise, sponsorship and social media.

5. MAKE IT FLEXIBLE — Build flexibility into the architecture will allow for easy brand extension. This will improve recognition across the lines and lowers the cost of design work for the client.