A SALUTE TO A BRAND ICON: To the beloved World President of The BrandLaureate DrKKJohan, we wish you a Happy and Blessed 60th birthday on this auspicious day — Aug 8, 2019.

Joy is in the air as your special day is here, and may it bring you tons of precious memories. Today we celebrate the birthday of a Brand Icon who spreads joy and positivity all around, as the celebration continues until the end of the year.

This August, you have started your birthday celebrations with different groups, big and small — leading to the Biggest Celebrations in MACAU on Sept 19 with 1000 guests Invited.

The celebration continues in October and November, leading to the grandest celebration on December 2019, where all your past recipients and VVIP guests will be invited for an exclusive birthday bash to the end the year with a big bang.

Let all your dreams be on fire and light your birthday candles on your 60th birthday.