“ Building a strong country brand requires the commitment of the leaders and its people who possess strong pysche and DNA.”

Strong brands provide fabulous brand experiences and generate positive perception amongst consumers. In today’s world, where we are inundated with numerous brands to choose from, brands must be able to engage with its customers and be seen as the one and only brand that can provide the solution to their needs. Hence, the importance of branding as the lifeline of brands; without branding, brands are going to sink in the waters of the red ocean.

While branding in the past decades has been the domain of organisations and businesses, countries are now joining in the bandwagon to develop and promote their country brands. Country branding is the new black in branding and this is a positive development where brands and branding are concerned.

A strong country brand helps to boost the credibility of its products and services. A good example is Germany which is renowned for its technology, innovation and quality. Brands that originate from Germany will be perceived to have all of the above attributes and this will enable them to penetrate the global market easier. As brands drive economies, the need for a strong country brand is imperative as they complement each other.

Developing a strong country brand requires the commitment of the whole country, from the leaders and its people. It is not just about sprucing up the country and building first class amenities or infrastructure to attract tourists or foreign investors. It is about building a strong psyche and DNA that permeates throughout the country brand especially in the people who are the faces of the brand. Globalisation has created intense competition amongst country brands and with social media, the positive and negative attributes of country brands are well spelt out. Why is one country chosen over another? Just like how consumers choose their favourite toothpaste or banks, country brands are subjected to the same selection criteria. As the world’s only branding foundation, the APBF is pleased to note the increasing awareness amongst countries to build their brands. Malaysia is without exception as she brands herself towards achieving Vision 2020.

The APBF is committed to helping Malaysia achieves her vision of becoming a developed nation and as the champion of brands and branding, we invite all of you to join us in this journey. Branding brings immense possibilities and we must be bold to seize it.