founding President of The BrandLaureate

“Branding takes you on the path of the rich & famous, Branding brings you to places to meet faces”

I am passionate about brands & branding. I love how branding transforms a product, service or individual to have an identity and personality of its own and how it makes them rich and famous. I also love to see how branding helps brands evolve into the next level and become market leaders and trendsetters. I love to see how branding enables the sustainability of brands and build a heritage that is much admired and respected.

I love to see how individuals buy into the idea of personal branding and make every effort to differentiate themselves from their peers and friends. From enhancing their knowledge to personal grooming, the transformation is appealing and alluring.

Most of all, I love the sound of dollars and cents that brands generate for the organizations. Brands are wealth creators and we must maximise on their potential. The future lies in brands and branding for organizations, and if you think otherwise, let me share with you some success stories from organizations who have taken the strategic direction to develop their brands.

Louis Vuitton is famous for its bags but it would have been any ordinary bag if not for its brand. The brand commands premium pricing and is only affordable to the rich and famous. Famous personalities accessorise with Louis Vuitton. It is great branding for Louis Vuitton as the brand is associated with the elites, the rich and famous.

Branding has the power to transport you to the realms of the unimaginable. There are many organizations and individuals out there who have the potential to be rich and famous and play an important role in society, but they have not realised their potential. A good grasp of the benefits of branding and how to apply it will provide you with the desired results.

Friends and associates have branded me, the mahaguru of branding, the king and champion of branding. I am honoured and yet humbled. Making individuals and brands rich and famous is my passion and mission. With branding, we can achieve this and I urge you to open your minds to embrace this idea.

“You can’t be wrong when you brand it right”.