We are thrilled to announce that another musical sensation will grace The BrandLaureate BestBrands Awards 2022-2023 stage – Ms. Yico Wong from the esteemed Hong Kong International Musician Association. Her extraordinary talent and accolades includes the International Pop Song Category Open Class-1st Runner Up, 2022 China Beijing Central Conservatory of Music International Vocal Competition Open Group – Champion and more! Anticipate an extraordinary performance that will take our event’s elegance and prestige to remarkable new levels!

Yico Wong

🎤(2018)全国艺能NKTS 国际青少年艺术大奖歌赛(13-18岁少年组)获得:海鸥金奖(总冠军)

🎤2018 国际NKTS 国际青少年梦想国际舞台歌赛(13-18岁青少年组)也获得:总冠军。

🎤2015&2016香港亞洲國際音樂節歌唱大賽獲得-全塲 总金奖(总冠军)。

🎤2016 北京搜星中国歌唱比赛(金奖)

🎤2022 中国北京中央音乐学院国际声乐比赛公开组 -冠军

🎤2023 The 10th Hong Kong -International Vocal Open Competition

2023 第十届香港-国际声乐公开赛-第二名

-International Pop Song Category Open Class-1st Runner Up

See you there!

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