GREAT brands are those that understand how to innovate and continuously fine-tune their efforts to achieve balance and synergy, in order to achieve their goals.

● They regularly realign their objectives with customer insights and use that data to ensure they can be the first and the best at doing something cutting-edge, new and beneficial to consumers.

● Think of Apple, in the 1980s they pioneered personal computing to the mass majority but throughout the 90’s they were relatively quiet in the eyes of the ‘general consumer’.

● During the Apple revival in the early 2000s, the company evolved from a computing business to a consumer-facing giant.

● With the launch of the iPhone, iPod and Macbooks, Apple reinvented itself and instantly propelled itself to the forefront of the luxury lifestyle sector, with an innovative approach to technology for the new Millennium.

● Brand innovation is an essential component of branding strategy, and it helps businesses implement new marketing projects.

● It nurtures new ideas, encourages creativity, and helps marketing departments take their organization to the next level.

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