The Theme is important as it the core message and gives greater significance to the meaning of the Awards. This time the Theme gets personal and intimate.

Branding is the lifeline of the Brand; it is crucial as it ensures the survival of the Brand. The right attitude towards the Brand is reflected in a strong internal Brand. A strong buy-in into the Brand indicates a positive attitude towards the development and management of the Brand. Brands that have the right attitude provide a better Brand Experience through the various touch points and deliverable.


Steps to Winning The BrandLaureate Award

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The BrandLaureate Awards 2010-2011 Trophy epitomizes the Theme, I am the Brand; This is it! The Trophy speaks of the success of the Brands as ‘The No.1’ and THE leader in their respective industries.

With both hands of the statuette stretched out and standing tall and majestically on the world map as its base, it signifies the strong position and global reach of the Brand and the power that the Brand has in moving the world. It also epitomizes victory and the signature pose of an award-winning Brand.

The statuette, cast in 97 per cent pewter and plated with 24K gold, is a work of art – magnificent and prestigious. Pewter is the base and foundation of The Trophy; while the 24K gold plating gives it a magnificent and elegant touch. The metals selected are significant: as pewter is a solid and innovative metal; while gold is valuable and much sought after. Successful Brands are like pewter – solid and innovative; and like gold – dignified, strong and loyal.

The BrandLaureate Emblem at the base of The Trophy is synonymous with Brand Excellence. The circular shape of The Emblem with the outline of the globe in the inner circle reflects the global status of the winners of The BrandLaureate Awards. The laurel leaves surrounding The Emblem signifies victory, triumph and honour.



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