Take responsibility to build a brand that has INTEGRITY, QUALITY and CREDIBILITY. How big and how great you want your brand to be depends solely on one’s responsibility.

Make this the beginning of a new season for your brand and be responsible in making history for your brand. Make an impact for your brand.



Steps to Winning The BrandLaureate Award

Be Proud of Your Brand &
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The success of The BrandLaureate’s recipient is reflected in the trophy. A shining 24K gold-plated statuette stands magnificent in all its various poses that reflect the theme of each year’s Awards. The BrandLaureate’s statuette with its emblem represents brand excellence and the unyielding passion and commitment that go into building great brands.

As we move on to the second decade, The BrandLaureate’s trophy takes a shift from the smooth and shiny surface to an origami polygonal art style, sleek and stylish. Origami is an art where a flat sheet of paper is folded into a polygonal sculpture. Similarly, brand building is an art 

where responsibility, commitment and passion sculpture the brand to be a market leader that is respected and admired by all.

The new style gives the trophy a fresh, stylish and contemporary feel. The dimensions created by the polygons represent the movement of the brand as successful brands are dynamic and has a fluidity which allows them to move with time. The dimensions on the body of the trophy also represent the various attributes of the brand which forms its brand identity.

The image of the trophy with its clenched fist positioned at the heart signifies the commitment to 

responsibility and the determination to build the brand to its highest level. The brand’s confidence is denoted by the statuette’s face, filled with pride and looking upward and forward.

The trophy stands on a broad and solid polygon base signifying the strong foundation of the brand and its ability to overcome adversities through its multiple dimensions.

Once again, The BrandLaureate BestBrands Awards 2016-2017 trophy is a prestigious mark of brand excellence and acknowledged as the best of best.



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