Amplify the brand voice to convey the positive attributes of the brand and this will in return amplify the brand image, a vivid and vibrant image that will resonate with your patrons and be the talk of the town. Remember that if your patrons talk more of your brand, they talk less of others. That should be the ultimate goal of your brand mission,



Steps to Winning The BrandLaureate Award

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The trophy for The BrandLaureate BestBrands Awards 2018-2019 succinctly reflects the theme TO BE HEARD. The polygamy art statuette stands tall with its head and chest out, conveying its brand voice to its patrons. The palms of the hands are clasped slightly inwards to the mouth and this stance helps to convey brand messages in a clearer and more audible tone. It also has a microphonic effect that helps to amplify the voice.

Brands need to ensure that their voices are audible and amplified as this will enable it TO BE HEARD clearer. The clarity will give a better perception of the brand identity and enhances its leadership positioning in the industry. Brands that are successful have strong voices that shouts out their differentiation and unique features. Most important, they convey the message of trust, credibility and integrity which is foremost in the minds of patron when selecting brands of their choice.

Specially designed for the Awards, The BrandLaureate Trophy is made of pewter and 24k gold plated. Made from two valuable metals in the world, the Trophy is a mark of brand excellence and recipients of this coveted award must made their achievements heard and known to the world.



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