Brands that continue to brand even in the darkest hour such as Covid 19 pandemic fare better than those that do not.  They are able to bounce back faster as they stay in touch and engage the community with their branding, creating stronger presence and taking over the void left by other brands affected by the pandemic.

The Greatest Quest For Your Brand Is To Be GREAT. To be GREAT AGAIN!


Steps to Winning The BrandLaureate Award

Be Proud of Your Brand &
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The feeling of triumphant and greatness fill the air as winning brands take their positions on the center stage. It is a defining moment to be acknowledged and recognized as a GREAT Brand by the world’s only brands and branding foundation, The World Brands Foundation. Winning The BrandLaureate Best Brands Awards 2022 is special and significant as it denotes the brand’s leadership in branding to arrive at the pinnacle position.

Holding the specially crafted 24k gold plated trophy is a feeling of elation, a sense of joy that all the hardwork and commitment put into building the brand has materialized. The gold statuette with its thumbs up expression denotes the winning and confident gesture of successful brands in being awarded the most prestigious and sought after The BrandLaureate Best Brands Award 2022.

Distinguished and distinctive, the golden statuette is symbolic of the greatness of brands and branding and is further endorsed by the emblem of The World Brands Foundation shown on the winner’s trophy plate.



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