AKEMI – Bringing Togetherness

AKEMI made its debut in 1992 and has a following exceeding 5000 followers on Instagram.

It is a trusted home furnishing & accessories brand that encapsulates the whole family.

An extensive array of bedding, bedding accessories & bath essentials outlines its offerings.

PHILOSOPHY: Embracing the significance of togetherness & aspiring to provide the utmost for the household.

The brand has proven itself to be synonymous with subtly capturing joy behind daily moments.

AKEMI’s innovative range of pillows, bolsters, mattress protectors, quilts, towels, bed linen, diffusers; lend their own unique impetus towards crafting precious moments of family bonding.

Their latest product HeiQViroblock – a technology that is tested & has been proven effective against bacteria & other viruses.

This technology can also be applied to its washable face masks as well.

AKEMI was awarded The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands e-Branding Award 2020 in the category of Retail -Bedding Solutions;

Represented by Mr Franco Yue, Head of Brand Management, Eastern Decorator Sdn Bhd.

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