Anggun Cotton Collection – Soft Cotton Baju Kurung

Anggun Cotton Collection is a brand that provides modern and traditional soft cotton baju kurung for adults and children.

The brand offers a variety of baju kurung styles from XS to 10XL sizes using the latest styles and patterns available.

Among the varieties of outfits available are baju kurung moden, mini moden, mini riau and blouses.

Anggun Cotton Collection’s USP lies in its usage of 100 percent English cotton material for all its outfits.

Their collection is sold at an affordable starting price of RM50 per outfit.

Anggun Cotton Collection’s products prioritize elegance & practical fashion.

Their quality workmanship gives customers the confidence and trust in their collections.

The brand is targeting a larger global market.

Anggun Cotton Collection represented by Ms Noraini Hanipah, Founder & CEO,

Received The BrandLaureate Emerging SMEs BestBrands e-Branding award in the category of Fashion – Cotton Baju Kurung.

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