April 22: High quality skin care

Malaysia’s most popular skin brand micro retailer was founded by Ms Arissa Ng Yi Tyng.

The brand April 22 denotes her birth date.

April 22 is an upcoming e-commerce brand which offers quality skin care emphasizing on natural beauty.

Having perfected its marketing techniques, the brand sells exclusively online.

April 22 chiefly targets Chinese females in Malaysia aged 22 to 50 years of age.

Products are encased in attractively designed gift sets.

Clients are often ‘WoW’ by both product & packaging upon delivery.

Personal branding is very important to Ms Arissa Ng; on social media, her image is always full of poise and radiant.

As the de-facto brand ambassador for Apr 22, she has many followers and likes for her award-winning brand.

April Twenty Two was awarded The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands e-Branding Awards 2021 represented by the youthful Ms Arissa Ng Yi Tyng, Managing Director

Incidentally, the awards were held on the same day as her birthday.

It was indeed a memorable and fitting birthday present for this young heiress!