Ultimate beauty confidence creator

Founded in Seattle, USA in 1983, Assata Skin Care offers skincare products and treatments for sensitive skin, acne, aging and pigmentation.

The team is relatively young in their outlook. Branding strategies are fresh- targeted at ladies who wish to look youthful.

The brand’s USP revolves around the inclusion of purest extracts and precise concentration to ensure product efficacy in minutes – and without side effects.

Assata’s mission from the start, is to transform a customer into someone more beautiful within the shortest time possible.

The goal is to accentuate both inner and outer beauty radiance.

Their R&D initiatives provide solutions in line with the market’s growing demands for better and improved skin care formulations.

Assata is a recipient of The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands e-Branding Awards 2020 in the category of Wellness – Beauty Solutions.

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