Mootiara — Bringing Changes To Lives

Founded by Sajaratul Dura Hamzah and Haidzir Mohd Noor,Mootiara is an online store which sells Muslimah apparels and accessories.

The company strives to be one of the top online woman stores in the country.

They are best known for their array of Ironless instant shawls, which assist Muslim women get prepared fast.

Among their popular collection is their Warda instant shawl.

Recently, they launched the Warda Classic Pleated collection, with 21 colors to choose from.

The collection is a special occasion for Bawal headscarf fans.

Mootiara has a large following on Facebook.

They also give the opportunity to women from all around Malaysia to join their dropship team to earn extra income.

Mootiara was awarded The BrandLaureate Emerging SMEs BestBrands e-Branding Award in 2020 in the category of Fashion-Ironless Instant Shawl.

Represented by Sajaratul Dura Hamzah, CEO & Founder, & Haidzir Mohd Noor,Co-Founder Mootiara Sdn Bhd.

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