Mutyara Beauty…Herbs…And More

Mutyara Beauty was established by popular Indonesian actress and celebrity Miss Tya Arifin.

Mutyara Juice is a modern natural jamu (herb) recipe derived from Miss Tya Arifin’s family recipe in Palambang, Indonesia.

Mutyara Juice was rebranded in 2018 from Jamu Mutyara Gugusan Sumatra.

The concoction tastes much more palatable than traditional jamu with the addition of dates, honey, pomegranate and fennel flower.

Made exclusively for women, the product’s manufacturing processes and quality control is closely monitored.

The juice evidently provides active and healthy inner and outer glow benefits.

Having a spoonful of Mutyara Juice in the morning and night will enable consumers to stay energetic.

Mutyara Juice customers are located throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

The brand also provides housewives to earn supplementary income.

Mutyara Beauty was awarded The BrandLaureate Emerging SMEs BestBrands e-Branding Award in the category of Wellness-Health & Beauty Supplement;

Represented by Ms Tya Arifin, Founder of A Klasse Essentials Sdn Bhd.

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