PENYETPENYET.COM: ‘The Best Ayam Penyet Cuisine’

The first Dapur Penyet outlet was established at Maju Junction Mall, Kuala Lumpur in 2010.

Tuan Amran Abdul Hamid is the Founder & CEO; he was also The BrandLaureate SMEs BrandLeadership e-Branding Awards winner in 2020.

Dapur Penyet was subsequently rebranded to PENYETPENYET.COM to modernize the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP).

Currently PENYETPENYET.COM has 18 outlets. Massive expansion is taking place via franchising.

Over 5 years, PENYETPENYET.COM target to open 100 outlets.

Multiple new franchisees have been secured: opening will be at various Aeon Malls/shoplots at different states.

The top 3 penyet dishes are Ayam Penyet Grand, Ayam Bakar Hunny and Ayam Sambal Ijo respectively.

Beginning of 2021, convenience bottles and pre-packed paste ‘Halal Sambal ’ was launched.

Bottled ‘Red Chili Sambal Penyet’ and ‘Green Chili Sambal’ were offered using quality Vietnamese chillies.

For home-cooking, 6 convenience pre-packed paste in aluminum foils packaging are provided.

PENYETPENYET.COM was awarded The BrandLaureate SMEs World Halal BestBrands Award 2021 represented by CEO, Tuan Amran Abd Hamid and Director Haslinda Mokhtar.

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