Second Beauty Secret (SBS) was established in 2010.

Aspiring to furnish a beauty career platform to the public, SBS embraces ‘Cell Cosmetology’ as its core healthcare concept.

Thousands of patrons have chosen its affordable, safe & effective range as their health manager.

They have also experienced real transformation while building a lifelong career.

SBS’s mission is to formulate more solutions through cross-continent intensive R&D.

Its vision is to give everyone a second chance to relive & redefine beauty; helping them to regain youth, beauty, health & confidence.

And inspire them to have their desired lifestyle.

The brand shares health tips & lifestyle updates for improved health inside and out via their SBS BLOG.

SBS products are approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia

It is also certified with ISO recognitions for quality & food safety.

SBS was awarded The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands e-Branding Award in 2020 in the category of Consumer – Supplement/Health Food.

Represented by Mr Joe Kam, Senior Marketing Manager, Second Beauty Secret Sdn Bhd.

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