Sumo Sauna – Enjoy Your Me Time At Home

Ms Hani Shamsuddin was always interested in being fit and healthy.

She started off as a dropship and agent for health products but encountered many challenges.

She decided portable saunas would be her de-facto business venture moving forward.

Her foresight would prove to be extremely profitable indeed.

She co-founded Sumo Sauna with Ms Hazirah Maulana.

The portable sauna is available in multiple colors; Baby Blue, Silver, Hot Pink and Purple.

Sumo Sauna users can use essential oils and herbal baths for additional benefits.

Reputedly, it helps people to lose weight, feel relax and sleep better in the comfort of their homes.

The key point of portable Sumo Sauna is privacy and ease of usage in one’s own abode.

Sumo Sauna was awarded The BrandLaureate Emerging SMEs BestBrands e-Branding Award in the category of Wellness- Portable Sauna Set;

Represented by Ms Norrizah Hazirah Maulana, CEO/Director & Mohd Helmi Izani Shamsuddin, Director of The Sumo Group Sdn Bhd