The over half-a-century-entrenched Tai Kwong Yokohama was founded in 1967.

The humble homegrown business orbited around the reconditioning of worn automotive

starter batteries.

Innovative to the core, the ‘Yokohama’ branded automotive battery was launched in 1981.

Yokohama Batteries’ products are designed for promising quality for a wide variety of vehicles.

In fact, Yokohama pioneered Malaysia’s first Maintenance-Free batteries in 2002.

In 2014, the company became TS 16949 certified (the topmost quality management standard

attainable for suppliers to the automotive industry).

At present, Malaysia’s leading integrated battery manufacturing facility belongs to Yokohama

Industries Berhad.

The plant is renowned as one of the finest electrochemical research centres in the region.

Learning from Experience and Growing on Knowledge, the brand is beloved for its brilliant after-sales service.