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THE BRANDLAUREATE – BRAND ICON LEADERSHIP AWARDS ’12 is the most prestigious Award that differentiates the common from the outstanding, the average from the excellent and the mediocre from the distinctive. These ICONs are invaluable to their organisations and country and Malaysia is blessed to have them. They are key players in their country’s development initiatives and are part of the nation’s transformation plan in helping our country attain Vision 2020. Their achievements and contributions must be recognised as part of Malaysia’s history.

THE BRANDLAUREATE BRAND ICONS have the “X” factor. They take on the baton and drive their brands, organisations and countries to conquer new horizons. They transform and outperform their predecessors. They are bold, intelligent, enterprising, innovative and charismatic. They thrive on challenges and no mountain is too high for them to climb. They inspire and are admired and respected.


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