Burger King introduced its first rebrand in 20 years in January 2021 with a new Burger King logo.

The new logo with a classic look suggests the look of a whopper — with the restaurant name between two buns.

It is also designed in colors inspired by the original BK look — including yellow, brown, red, and orange with a new “Flame” font.

So far, the rebrand has gotten positive attention from industry experts and consumers alike who appreciate the simple, pleasing look.

The chain is slowly rolling out other aspects of the design including employee uniforms, logos and signage that emphasize the flame-grilled whopper.

On why the new classic logo works, two designers, Debbie Millman from the School of Visual Arts, and Steven Heller, a popular culture book author commented:

1. The new branding has a “warm, retro vibe,” and is reminiscent of the brand’s roots.

2. The new design nods back to the original concept.

3. The new logo is “suggestive of real meat,” and “much more tasty.โ€

4. People prefer more straightforward honest identities now


A good logo is a refined logo. Refinement is everything. If the concept isn’t rendered well, if nuances aren’t there, it won’t work.

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