After an inspiring event last year at Singapore, The world Brands Foundation is coming this year to recognize and inspire to grow higher !!

Conceptualised by The World Brands Foundation (TWBF), The BrandLaureate Awards recognize and honor great brands that have impacted communities with their positive attributes. These winning brands are market leaders representing the best in their industries and are known for their strength and sustainability.

THE BRAND IS THE BUSINESS AND THE BUSINESS IS THE BRAND and that clearly sums up the importance of brands and branding. Without a brand, the business will not be able to achieve its optimum growth as business revolves entirely around the brand.

For brands to achieve its maximum potential it must have the right brand identity, positioning and awareness. But most important of all is for the brand TO BE HEARD.

TO BE HEARD IS A PRE-REQUISITE FOR BRAND SUCCESS. If your brand is not heard, it equally means that you have no brand presence in the market at all. Brands that do not have their presence felt are swimming in the red ocean and drowned by its competitors. As a brand guardian, you would not want that to happen to your brand.

For brands to be heard, they must develop their own voice as it represents the brand and what it stands for. It is the voice that spells out its vision, identity, unique differentiation features, value added proposition, brand promise, culture and values. Brands with strong voices are those that grasp the attention of
patrons. Their brand messages are heard and resonate in the patrons’ minds; they are on the radar and have high brand recall, which is important for every brand if they want to become strong and successful.

Share with us your brand story and initiatives taken to build the brand voice by participating in The BrandLaureate Best BrandsAwards 2019. Nomination for the Awards is now open and we look forward to your participation in this most talked and heard about branding awards.

The presentation of the Awards will be held on 31st October, 2019 at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.