Said Saiful Fazli bin Said Aluwi, the Managing Director of Saudagaar Asia, boasts impressive entrepreneurial experience of 14 years since 2009. He excelled in direct selling, becoming a top leader for two consecutive years, and founded his motivational company in 2014. His qualifications include a Veterinary Diploma, and he gained certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Transformational Coaching in 2018. Recognized as an ‘Entrepreneurial Icon’ in 2019, he introduced the Choco Albab product in 2021 and has been innovating and promoting it ever since.

Congratulations, Said Saiful Fazli bin Said Aluwi, on your well-deserved win at The BrandLaureate Entrepreneur Awards 2023 – Entrepreneur of the Year in the category of Multidisciplinary Business! Your remarkable entrepreneurial journey and dedication to excellence are truly commendable.

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