The BrandLaureate Brand of The Year e-Branding Awards 2022 – To Be Seen, To Be Heard, To Be Known, To Be Remembered!

Congratulations to all The BrandLaureate Brand of the Year e-Branding Awards 2022 recipients!

1. Labuan FSA in the category of Fintech – Islamic Financial Services Labuan Financial Services Authority – Labuan FSA

2. FutureLab in the category of Online Mentoring and Education FutureLab

3. RF3 in the category of Global Networking Platform RF3 WORLD Malaysia

4. TEGAS Digital Village Enterprise in the category of Digital Innovation Solutions TEGAS Digital Village & Digital Innovation Hub

As digitalization becomes the way forward today, our well-deserving recipients have stepped up to the challenge, branding themselves ahead of the curve and proving themselves to be the best of the best!

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