“Prof. Dr. KK Johan, Founder of The BrandLaureate Awards since 2005, has played a pivotal role in transforming branding globally. These prestigious awards have celebrated over 2000 Global and Local Brands, along with 500 Brand Personalities across 80 countries, including luminaries from Forbes, Fortune 500, Nobel Laureates, Albert Einstein’s Awardees, and Grammy recipients. His visionary leadership, recognized with the Distinguished Fellowship from NLBA, has elevated The BrandLaureate into a symbol of excellence in the world of branding.

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. KK Johan, the visionary behind The BrandLaureate Awards, for receiving The BrandLaureate Entrepreneur Awards 2023 – Entrepreneur of Entrepreneurs. Your unwavering dedication to branding and entrepreneurship is an inspiration to us all.

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