Creating a Good Brand in 2022

In today’s day and age, consumers are prioritizing experiences over things.

We buy a product not just for its actual use, but also the values we perceive the Brand cares

about. Amongst these values include authenticity, trust, transparency, and customer service.

A recent Branding report by Havas Group shows that 77% of consumers support Brands that

share their values. And here is how you can build you Brand in four steps.

1. For people to love your Brand, first they must be able to identify and connect with your Brand.

Here are three simple questions to help you find your target audience and understand them better:

Who will use my product?

Who is my perfect customer?

Why did I start my business?

2. Define your mission statement, values, and advantages, Your mission statement will help to determine your goals.

To ensure that your Brand is unique, make it clear to customers why they should pick you over the competition. Start by focusing on your company’s values and perks that it offers.And remember, the purpose of your business is to always convey this message to your target audience.

3. Build your Brand identity

There are two important building blocks to build your Brand Identity: your Visual Assets and

Brand Voice.

Your visual assets include every element such as – your logo, slogan, voice and images which

communicates your mission statement, values and advantages.

Your Brand’s voice should match your visual assets. For example, if you used a bold colour

scheme, you want to pair that with an informal, youthful tone of voice.

Both these attributes will help your target audience recognize your Brand and remember it


4. Integrate your Brand

After you have created your Brand, it is time to apply it across different platforms.

For example, you must integrate your Brand completely to ensure that your customers see your

Brand whenever they interact with your business — from your website to customer service.

Good Branding, over time will build trust and enable your target audience to support you better.

It is that secret sauce that makes them come back time after time again.

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