(Full Speech Transcript)

Hello, I am DrKKJohan from The BrandLaureate.

Do you know that HOPE is essential in life?

It is HOPE that keeps us alive.

HOPE keeps us going,

HOPE keeps us believing,

HOPE keeps us staying; and,

HOPE keeps us living.

At this point in time it is only HOPE

that will give us the Strength needed to live.

HOPE is needed to give us a strong

Mentality, Positivity, Tenacity, Necessity;

And Sustainability for Survivability.

HOPE is the rope for us to hang in there.

Hang on there, never to hang up

and Never to Give Up.

When there is HOPE, there is Life.

Without HOPE we will all perish.

And that’s the end of life.

Let’s HOPE against all HOPE,

There is HOPE for all.

Life is great. Life is beautiful.

Let’s HOPE that it is all over,

and life will be back to normal.

Let’s live on with much HOPE

for our future.

Never give up on HOPE.

Stay strong. Stay safe.

#hope #staysafe #stayhome