Exciting News for The BrandLaureate and Universiti Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCED)!!!

The BrandLaureate is in strategic collaboration with Universiti Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCED) to confer the certification as a Certified Brand Manager. The Education League, the education arm of The BrandLaureate will facilitate and run this course to help enrollees achieve their certification.

The Education League aims to empower and equip enrollees with the knowledge and insights needed for them to make informed Branding decisions, pursue aspirations, and achieve personal and professional branding growth. Championing education in nurturing brand leaders and future visionaries on a global scale, The Education League also fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, helping individuals develop a broader worldview in business and branding. UMCCED, established by Universiti Malaya in Malaysia, plays a vital role in providing continuing education opportunities for individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills. UMCCED excels in developing and delivering high-quality professional development programs, conducting research in the field of continuing education, and fostering partnerships with industries and organizations.

Through this strategic collaboration, we aim to curate a lifelong learning journey for aspiring brand leaders, providing them with invaluable opportunities for personal and career growth. We look forward to the transformative experiences that our participants will gain through this program!

โฎž Registrations are Now Open: https://tinyurl.com/TBLxUMCCED

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