In selecting vendors for major projects such as IT transformation, developing digital software or cloud solutions, global corporations tend to appoint big brands such as IBM, Accenture, Oracle and so forth as they have the leadership and experience.

When Airbus launched its global digital strategy in June 2019, it appointed 4 IT companies, i.e IBM, Accenture, Capgemini, Sopra Setria and FPT Software.

Both IBM and Accenture are American brands while Capgemini and Sopra Setria are French brands. FPT Software is a Vietnamese brand.

FPT Software is a subsidiary of FPT Corporation, Vietnam’s largest IT company and to be appointed as Airbus’s digital partner speaks volumes of the brand’s reputation and leadership in the global IT industry.

It also marks the entry of Asian brands into the ICT space which has always been the domain of Western brands and the rise of Vietnamese brands in the international sphere of brands and branding.

Many of us may be unfamiliar with FPT Corporation but the company has been driving Vietnam’s technological development and innovation for the past 30 years.

Set up by 13 young Vietnamese’ scientists who wanted to see their country rise from the wounds of the Vietnam- American war and civil war, FPT has achieved its vision and made Vietnam proud with its never-ending achievements and success.

For your information, FPT Corporation, a winner of The BrandLaureate Awards for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018 is the largest private ICT company in Vietnam.

It has more than 28,000 employees including 16,323 technology experts, engineers, developers and presents in five continents, 45 countries in the world. Its customers’ list comprises of more than 600 large corporations in the world, of which 100 are listed in Global Fortune 500.

The past 30 years, has seen FPT laying the ICT Foundation for Vietnam, developing Vietnamese-branded software; applying technology to modernize the country and facilitate economic growth.

It has also provided young people with education and practical training. In Vietnam, most of the large information systems in state agencies and key economic sectors of Vietnam are built and developed by FPT.

Having been the leader in the South East Asian market for the last 20 years, FPT Software is now all geared up to become a global leader and its mission is to be ranked in the Top 50 digital transformation service provider within 10 years.

Chek Hup: Delicious, Naturally

Chek Hup was established in Ipoh, Malaysia in the mid 1900s, founded by a Chinese immigrant, the late Mr Tan Soo Hor, specializing in the rock sugar business.

Sometime in 2000, the first 3 in 1 coffee beverage premium Ipoh White Coffee was launched. followed by their signature cocoa brand Kokoo and thereafter Teh Tarik beverages.

Subsequently, the black packaging gourmet Mandheling coffee was also launched.

Through management great branding initiatives and business acumen, the business soon boomed.

Chek Hup coffee only uses the best handpicked quality coffee beans for roasting. The beans are roasted carefully in batches in a controlled environment to accentuate the full flavour profile and robust aroma.

Each production batch is meticulously mixed according to the ‘golden ratio’ by adding the approximate amount of rock sugar, creamer and coffee granules-premixed to the desired consistent taste.

With half a century of solid business in retail, Chek Hup has accumulated numerous prestigious awards from The BrandLaureate; scooping up three consecutive awards from 2015-2017: Brand of the Year, Signature Brand SMEs, Brand of Distinction and to crown it, The Brand Icon Brand Leadership Award 2016-testament to its enduring brand performance.

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary, shifting to their new white motive Jelapang headquarters was a momentous occasion.

With yearly export of RM 100 million above, Chek Hup has managed to build up an assortment of a portfolio of beverages to cater to a loyal band of discerning connoisseurs.