TO GROW, you have to embrace the discomfort because it is the catalyst for progress! Tackle the fear that has kept you from living your best life. Challenge it, and it will reward you.

The only times you are growing is when you are uncomfortable. And this downturn may provide you the opportunity to grow by trying something new, taking risks, making new connections, or putting yourself in a totally new situation.

Peter McWilliams once said: “Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort. Think about it. “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work,” added Calvin Coolidge.

If you want long-term success, embrace discomfort. It is a catalyst for growth.
Stretch yourself. Go where the demands are high. Go where the pressure is to perform. It forces you to change, stretch, and adapt, and make you yearn for something more.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, psychologist and author of “Better Than Perfect, says people who regularly seek out fresh experiences tend to be more creative and emotionally resilient than those who remain stuck in routine.

Your mind has a way of rising to the occasion. It won’t be easy, but it is one of the most important skills you can ever have to live a truly fulfilling life.

If you’re pushing yourself to improve — creating new perspectives, acquiring new skills and pushing boundaries; in any capacity whatsoever — you can master almost anything and you may like what’s possible.