HAPPY NEW YEAR: As Chinese New Year is around the corner (on Jan 25, 2020), let’s learn more about this important Chinese festival, and why it is the most widely celebrated holiday in the world.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are family affairs, seen as a time of reunion and thanksgiving.

Every year around this time, millions of Chinese travel home to be with their families for the two-week-long festival.

Families hold a feast where the spirits of family ancestors celebrate the coming new year together with the living.

At this feast, families set a place for ancestors at the feast in order to honor generations past and present.

Usher in a new year with fireworks. According to legend, people used fireworks and firecrackers as weapons against the Nian, a terrifying beast that attacked people and ate children.

Nian is also the Chinese word for the year, so people celebrate the passing of the year (or the beast) by setting off fireworks.

On New Year’s Day, Chinese families decorate their living rooms with arrangements of flowers and trays of oranges or tangerines. They write poems and well wishes on red pieces of paper and hang them on the walls to bring good luck.

Throughout the 15 day celebration, there are various feasts with family and friends.

To welcome guests, people set out a traditional candy tray called the tray of togetherness. It is typically arranged in either a circle or octagon and has eight compartments filled with candies and treats that represent different blessings to help start the new year sweetly.

The Chinese believe that what you do on New Year’s Day will set precedence for the entire year

GONG XI FA CAI! Happy Chinese New Year 2020 to all our participants, friends and business partners. Best Wishes from The BrandLaureate Team.