Have you ever wondered how companies double their income year-on-year?

Do you know that colors make a big impact on branding?

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui is believed to bring balance and harmony between the 5 elements: wood, earth, metal, fire, and water.

In branding, #FengShui principles can be used to shape and promote the energy of the business and send a positive brand message through colors, symbols, interior and exterior, décor, and layout.

Join The BrandLaureate — FENG SHUI IN BRANDING AND BRANDING IN FENG SHUI seminar, happening on the auspicious 23.3.23, and get exclusive tips from Dr. Anson Lim on how you can strike a balance between the world of Feng Shui and Branding, and how you can leverage both to elevate your brand.

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