Last night marked a dazzling display of branding brilliance as The BrandLaureate BestBrands Awards 2022-2023 crowned outstanding Brand Champions with accolades of success and a legacy of distinction!

Undoubtedly, the journey to success is far from linear, it’s a path filled with ups and downs, victories and challenges. Yet, our Brand Champions have weathered the storms. Through their resilience and determination, innovative thinking and steadfast commitment to excellence, they have turned failures into lessons and setbacks into comebacks.

In this month of August, we also honoured our homegrown Brand Champions – the Nation’s Favourite Brands and Nation’s Prides. They have taken their passion and commitment to new heights, fueling their aspirations as well as propelling Brand Malaysia onto the global stage.

The night also celebrated our sponsors for the Awards, AKFA Group and saw the officiation of the Strategic Collaborations between The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) and the Hong Kong International Musician Association (HKIMA), the Institute of Management and Financial Studies (IMFS) and the Panama Pacific International Exposition. Stay tuned as we unveil more on this ventures in days to come!

Finally, to all our esteemed recipients, remember: defeat should never be feared. Instead, take every opportunity to turn obstacles into stepping stones toward greater achievements. We believe that as you tread the path forward, you will continue to thrive in your pursuit for the highest echelons of success! Congratulations, once again!

“Greatness is when you fall and rise up, that is greatness!” – Prof. Dr. KKJohan

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