Congratulations to Director of Hospital Sungai Buloh, Dr Kuldip Kaur A/P Prem Singh for receiving The BrandLaureate Most Outstanding BestBrands e-Branding Award 2020 in the category of Healthcare — Centre of Excellence for Covid-19 Pandemic.

Sungai Buloh Hospital has been identified as a ‘Center of Excellence’ for handling severe cases such as contagious diseases, anxiety and trauma, neurosurgery, Maxillo-facial surgery, plastic surgery, fire treatment, orthopedics, and traumatology.

During an interview, Dr Kuldip said they are very touched and honored to receive the BrandLaureate Awards, in recognition of their gallant effort in fighting the pandemic as many of the frontlines have made untold sacrifices undergoing long hours of hard work, and separation from loved ones, to heed their call of duty.

Indeed, it was a well-deserving award and recognition to the hospital and all their staff for keeping a high standard of safety and excellence in their operations, to meet customers needs throughout the country and region, with a powerful mission statement below:


• To be a center of excellence in the field of health and medicine throughout the country by delivering safe services to meet the needs of customers

• To provide various facilities and medicine to meet the health needs and requirements of the community with state-of-the-art technology.

• To ensure that all the hospital affairs and activities are conducted with the highest standards of excellence, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with the latest information technology.

• To enhance the knowledge and performance of staff through continuous learning and comprehensive training in line with the current technological advances.

• To provide the best treatment to patients with the best medical facilities in a comfortable and safe environment.

• To optimize its services by maintaining close ties with relevant communities and agencies.

• To provide training in specific sub-fields in the country.

• To improve the quality of service by recognizing and appreciating the noble values, sacrifices, and service quality of employees on duty.

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