Since 2011, Nicholas Tay aka Nicsman has been training and mentoring students on how to achieve great results using the online strategies he discovered.

Today, he is the founder of BrandSight, a digital marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur, besides being an active speaker, lecturer and trainer in the freelance circuit.

He also teaches participants how to turn their freelancing skills into a business through his Freelancepreneur workshop, a combination from the words “Freelance” and “Entrepreneur”.

Tay said with the current pandemic and economic slowdown, it is time to think about work differently.

“Employment is about exchanging time for money. This makes sense in the past when jobs were scarce and not explicable, or when someone prefers a stable income,

“But today, with internet access, one can choose to work from home, build an agency business that generates monthly income, or create a multi-million-dollar business to sell — then freelancing is the way to go.

To prove that it is possible to earn money through the internet, Nicsman recently embarked on a RM100k-in-14-day-challenge, in conjunction with the Movement Control Order (MCO), from March 18-31, 2020,

He said: “The reason I am doing this is because I want to proof to the world that it is possible to make money online without leaving home, as we continue to fight the Coronavirus outbreak in Malaysia which has affected thousands of jobs and local businesses.”

“Let us focus on positivity during this downturn, and see what we can do together to improve the Malaysian economy,” he added.