Congratulations to The Wynners for being honoured with The BrandLaureate International Premier Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 and The BrandLaureate Book of World Records!

Since groovin’ together in the 70s, this iconic quintet – Alan Tam, Kenny Bee, Bennett Pang, Danny Yip, and Anthony Chan – has captured hearts globally with their timeless tunes, pioneering Chinese music’s global expansion.

As they unite one last time for their Farewell with Love tour, we celebrate their remarkable achievements, hit songs, and cultural impact that continues to inspire generations.

2023 年 The BrandLaureate 国际至尊终身成就奖、The BrandLaureate 世界纪录大全

这个众所仰望的乐队成立于 1970 年代初期,由谭咏麟、钟镇涛、彭健新、叶智强及陈友五名成员组成,以其永恒的曲调和音乐专长赢得了数百万人心。 他们开创了中文音乐的全球扩张之路,为世界各地带来了欢乐并崛起了欣赏文化的风气。 他们的热门歌曲和文化影响体现了一生的卓越成就,激励了数代人。