CONGRATULATIONS to Kenneth Quah Kim Kean, the CEO and President of Phoenix Asia Holding for winning The BrandLaureate BrandLeadership Award 2020.

Currently the founder, CEO, and President of Phoenix Asia Academy of Technology, Quah

is passionate about teaching, training, and managing international students.

With 20 years of experience in the education business, Quah has traveled extensively and has visited more than 100 cities in China.

He has lived in Beijing for 11 years, and he has also worked in Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Mongolia, Iran, Africa, the South Asian region, and Middle Eastern countries.

His interesting travels around the world have inspired him to promote student education internationally across Asia.

During the process, he has recruited more than 2500 Chinese students to Malaysia, and managed 80 students through recruitment agencies.

A man of diverse experience and business background, Quah has also successfully built international relations and collaborated with different university and franchises in Asia.

Here is the list of some of his notable achievements:

• Recruited more than 2500 students from China to Malaysia

• (Dec 2008), invited to be a guest on China’s famous Celebrity Show “DAY DAY UP” on Hunan TV Channel

• (Oct 2010) Appeared as a TV guest on three episodes of The Travel Channel, in China

• Elected as a committee member of Malaysia China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2009, 2013), by the Malaysian business community in China

• Guest Speaker on 2010’s 3rd Annual Meeting of New Trends in Chinese Real Estate by the China Urban Development and Public Relations Association

• Appeared as a special guest in a media interview in 2009: Sohu Education Channel, and online magazine

• (2011) Appeared in Kwong Wah Jit Poh, Malaysian Chinese Newspaper (twice) and China’s People Century Magazine

• (2011 and 2012) Appeared in Global Kung Fu Magazine and Global Entrepreneur Magazine China

• Trained 42 students in Mandarin Intensive Program and Internship Placement in China, through the Malaysian Education Ministry and Albulkary Foundation

• Hosted the Minister of Education from Rwanda to visit Chengdu and Chongqing and successfully secured more than 20 scholarships/sponsorship to the Rwanda Government

• Recruited 200 students to USM in the last two years.

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