Congratulations to Tuan Hj. Zakaria Nasirudin, Founder & Chairman

of the KOHUZ Method, for winning The BrandLaureate SMEs e-Branding Awards 2020 in the category of Innovation — Online Haraki Quran Course.

This program is designed to help Muslims who are slow in learning how to recite the Quran to master it with Tajweed using this quick and easy method.

The Haraki Online Class is suitable for adults who are busy, or live far away from religious centres, and who have no time to learn how to recite the Quran.

During an interview with the founder Ustaz Zakaria, he said the Haraki Online Class is an innovative system for studying the Quran without Iqra ‘and Muqaddam.

He said: “Now, using the KOHUZ method, students can learn how to recognize the letters of Hijayah and the law of Tajwid by using limb movements – ie. through dance, karoake, singing, drawing and storytelling which helps them to understand the Quran better.”

The KOHUZ method has also won several notable awards in the past, including the Gold Winner of the 2013 International Innovation Award; AIN Finalist (National Innovation Award 2015); Gold Winner of the ITEX Malaysia Innovation Award 2015, and SCIIID Gold Winner at the

Syariah Compliant Idea, Invention, Innovation & Design International Exposition.

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