“Let’s come together. Let’s go the distance. Let’s do it!” — DRKKJOHAN, World President of The BrandLaureate

As Malaysia waits anxiously to welcome the new Prime Minister and his cabinet, The Yang di Pertuan Agong has urged politicians to stop “old politics” and forge “new politics” – and work together to address the economic and health woes facing the country.

The constitutional monarch King Al-Sultan Abdullah told political leaders that the new prime minister must not only have a majority in the parliament but “the shape of politics must change.”

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim added: “The issue was not just about appointing a new prime minister, but what’s more important that was stressed by the King is to come up with a form of politics that is more peaceful for the people.”

Indeed, this is what Malaysians need the most from the new government during these challenging times to revive the economy and to heal the country.

Teamwork can be defined as the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal. And to achieve this, there must be mutual trust and respect.

DrKKJohan, World President of The BrandLaureate said: “Let’s come together. Let’s go the distance. Let’s do it!” Let’s work together to solve difficult problems and find solutions that work best, in the most effective and efficient way – for the leaders, for the country, and for the people.