CONGRATULATIONS to British race car driver Lewis Hamilton on his 91st career victory on Sunday’s Eifel Grand Prix — equalling Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of Formula 1 victories, a record that some people felt might never be broken. Both Hamilton and Schumacher are winners of The BrandLaureate Legendary Awards (2016) and (2011) respectively.

“Just wow. It is hard to find the right words and be able to compute exactly, but it is definitely a special one.” — Lewis Hamilton

During an interview on Sunday, Hamilton said it will take him time to come to terms with the victory. “It’s definitely not just another win,” the Mercedes driver said, as he sat down for his final media engagement of the day, after finishing his debrief with his team.

“I grew up watching Michael win all those Grand Prix and I couldn’t even fathom equalling him. Getting to F1 was the first step of the dream but Michael was just so far ahead, it’s beyond my wildest dreams to be here today having equaled him. I feel really humbled by the moment,” he added.