With the same dream, a group of civil engineers from 3 medium-sized construction companies – IGB Construction, Jurutama and Mudajaya merged in 1983, calling their newly formed company Solidstate Sdn Bhd. A year later, the company was renamed IJM Engineering and Construction Sdn Bhd – a name derived from the first initials of the three companies.

The dream came together with an aim – to compete with other foreign construction companies in changing the landscape of Malaysia’s construction industry.

IJM proved dreams can become reality when they got their first major contract in 1984, a project that involved the construction of three interchanges for the KL-Seremban Toll highway, valued at RM40.2 million. 4 years later, IJM became a public listed company, with a market capitalisation of RM66 million and total assets of RM172 million.

From the years 1986-1988, the company expanded its footprints internationally, with projects in USA, Australia, Hong Kong U.K., Singapore, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The company developed exponentially, and in 1989 became IJM Corporation Berhad.

Continuing its overseas presence, the company entered Vietnam, Namibia, Argentina, Chile, the Philippines, Myanmar, Mauritius, India and China in the 1990’s. In the 2000’s, IJM expanded its reach into China, India and Pakistan. 2008 marked a milestone for IJM, when the group acquired the Road Builder Group, becoming one of the country’s largest builders.

Today, the brand name IJM is synonymous with the property, industry, infrastructure and planation sectors, making its mark beyond Malaysian borders and into countries such as Malaysia, India, United Arab Emirates, China and Indonesia. With a previous market capitalisation of RM7.06 billion in 2019, the group has total assets of RM24 billion and provides 4,600 employees with jobs. 37 years and counting, IJM continues to live up to its purpose and dream.

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