The underlying resonance of this epoch is steeped in the miracle of the medicine medium. Transcendental techniques relating to treatments, radical lifestyle recalibrations and alternative approaches have collectively paved the way of the human civilization’s greater understanding of wellness and betterment for the future while cementing new aspirations in the crucial arena of medical breakthroughs.



“The true stamp of epitomic Branding in the realm biological wellness and of medicine arises from greatness that transcends quantification, where all creatures are treated with equal care and empathy. There is philanthropy without renown; and the very pulse of this genus of Branding is fuelled by an undying quest for knowledge and betterment, catalysed by the precise application thereof, as a superior substitute to personal profit or fame. Finding that compass is as vital as acquiring confidence which enables the attainment of goals – no matter the cost. Being constantly driven and prudently strategizing while earnestly delivering condition-specific quality and result-orientated outcomes entrench such Branding timelessly in the pristine annals of history. At the end of the day, remembering to continually keep an open heart about the healing process is the most sensible way to go in order to optimize the outcome and tailor to the specific needs of each equally unique patient with utmost care.”

The globally renowned Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike K.S. Chan, 61, is a veteran Researcher, Author and Educator who specializes in Biotechnology Research & Development of Stem Cells, Peptide Therapeutics and Biological & Regenerative Medicine. No stranger in the province of healing, he holds true to the evergreen notion that the greatest gift in life is actually our health. And he can certainly back his claim!

Driven by the perpetual thrill of turning hope into reality and bringing optimism to the despondent, he became the Founder of European Wellness Biomedical Group, Germany, which is a vertically integrated powerhouse comprising key divisions in IP Research & Development, Biotech & BioPharma Manufacturing Plants (Germany & EU), Educational Institutions & Professional Academies; not to mention Global Product Distribution across 80 countries, as well as 26 medical wellness, diagnostics & youth restorative centres with research labs in Germany, Switzerland, UK, and Turkey. As a tried and true expert in the innovatory circuit, truly, he is heavily immersed in research and education – with the latter being his first love. True and true, Dr. Mike Chan’s heartfelt passion is to enrich lives in the ecosphere of healing and bring much as happiness to people as humanly possible.

Having authored/co-authored of over 30 books on Stem Cells, Ageing, Neurodegenerative & Neurodevelopment Disorders, Metabolic Diseases, Biological & Regenerative Medicine; with over 60 scientific and medical publications in USA & UK, this master of medical innovation has won multiple international invention awards for Biotechnology in Europe and the Middle East; plus holds manifold international patents in Stem Cell Immunology & Biotech.

The champion of biological wellness and medicine


“We cannot take anything with us when we depart – we came empty, and will leave empty. So, what is important is to leave a legacy of something where you can contribute and bring life to others.”

As one who embraces the philosophy of lifelong erudition, learning from everyone, particularly those he holds in high esteem, he sits on the Board and heads the Scientific Committee for Regenerative Medicine, ESAAM (European Society of Preventative, Regenerative & Anti-Aging Medicine) Est. 2003 and presides as the Society’s Asian Chairman. He is an Associate Professor of AASCP, USA (American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians), and Chairman for A4M, USA (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) for Thailand.

This champion of biological wellness and medicine is also Chairman of Japan’s Medical Association for Regenerative Medicine, MMJ (Multi-Dimensional Holistic Medical Team Japan). Senator of BWA, Germany (Federal Association for Economic Development & Foreign Trade for China, Indonesia & Malaysia). Dr. Mike Chan has an affinity to learn from all the differences in those whom he respects. Furthermore, he improvises, modifies and innovates along the way, according to the philosophy of Bruce Lee, a persona who he greatly admires and exemplifies.

Over and above all this, Dr. Mike Chan spearheads, hires and works in collaboration with top scientists and scholars worldwide from MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Heidelberg University, and University of California, Irvine, etc.

Over the years, he has managed to garner numerous awards (17) for top leadership, entrepreneurship and quality assurance; not to mention achievement awards from Europe to China and holds membership in more than 20 academic bodies worldwide. His team introduced the world’s first medical textbook on stem cell for physicians in 2006. Subsequently, an updated authoritative textbook in multiple languages was produced in 2018 commanding good reviews worldwide.

This die-hard animal lover also authored the World’s first Stem Cells and Peptides Book for Animals such a dogs, cats, birds, horses & camels of which he had also been treating for three decades with breeders & pedigree owners worldwide….


EUROPEAN WELLNESS™ (by EWC INTERNATIONAL™) is a holistic wellness & rejuvenation concept founded upon the knowledge & effectiveness of Swiss Biological Medicine & bio-molecular therapy – offering holistic treatment pertaining to anti-ageing, aesthetic & whole-life disease management.

Approved licensed centers & practitioners apply the EUROPEAN WELLNESS™ treatment protocols & methodology locally, accreditation by the EUROPEAN WELLNESS CENTER™; which primary resolve is the development of biological wellness protocols, structures & systems, and promoting research to enable the functional rollout of such centers universally. The EUROPEAN WELLNESS ACADEMY™ affords support as the education, training & empowerment body.

The four stages of health management provided under capable hands exuding personalized care & treatment for individuals’ health needs include Diagnosis, Detoxification, Repair & Rejuvenation; supplemented by fine-tuned programs: Cell Therapy (treating chronic degenerative diseases, ageing-related diseases & general rejuvenation); Aesthetic (addressing underlying health issues & reversing the effects of ageing); and Regenerative (stress management, healthcare & cutting-edge regenerative/energizing medicine).

MF3 originated as MF3 of Switzerland, the brand that carries pioneering Softgels supplements made from animal & plant placenta extracts. MF3’s products, imbued with botanical & placental extracts among its electrifyingly exclusive ingredients, are the consequence of trailblazing technology. Branded with quality assurance & product accreditations, referred here as the MF3 Tri-Factor, it encompasses the Cold-Pro Enzyme Extraction Technology.

The concept of anti-aging transcends the mere experience of realizing beauty, aiming to ultimately reach life’s unparalleled gratifications. MF3 is a global anti-aging brand that offers Swiss-formulated and innovated supplements & skincare products for general healthcare & beauty. It is correspondingly the global authority on cellular DNA extraction technology, dietary nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals, health & wellness – all clinically proven to assist in tissue regeneration & rejuvenation.

Mission: To offer an award-winning range of consumer products that not only rejuvenate the external beauty of aging men and women, but also uplift their physical vitality from within.

MF3 Placental Therapy synergizes the brand’s advanced cellular technology with premium-grade placenta to draw out a host of natural anti-aging elements in their most bioactive form.

FCTI (Fetal Precursor Cells Technologies), Inc. is the world’s largest provider of precursor stem cells – offering precursor Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) with proven outcomes. This innovative autologous precursor SCT was introduced for the treatment of chronic/untreatable diseases like Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer, etc., where conventional treatments & therapies have failed.

Though Stem Cell Therapy has been applied in clinical practice for about 80 years, FCTI has revolutionized & improved the method after 25 years of extensive research. FCTI’s manufacturing laboratory is set-up, equipped & staffed in compliance with the regulations of PHS, directives of the European Union Council, while GMP standards are strictly adhered in all aspects wholesomely.

Mission: To introduce the concept of SCT and the improved method of implementation to the world.

FCTI offers three highly individualized therapies which are patient-specific under physician prescriptions worldwide, namely:

  • PSCT [Precursor (Progenitor) Stem Cell Therapy] – replacing damaged/injured cells via surgical/therapeutic procedure
  • ASCT (Active Specific Immunotherapy) – culturing/reprocessing stem cells using patients’ own blood
  • ASI (Active Specific Immunotherapy) – targeting & destroying cancerous cells precisely