The BrandLaureate publishes  special coffee table books to
commemorate and feature the annual winners of The BrandLaureate Awards,
highlighting their brand story and achievements.

Special Edition World Awards
Coffee Table Book

Malaysia Edition 2015
Singapore Edition 2018
Vietnam Edition 2018
Vietnam Edition 2017

BestBrands Awards
Coffee Table Book

BestBrands 2018-2019
BestBrands 2017-2018
BestBrands 2016-2017
BestBrands 2015-2016
BestBrands 2014-2015
BestBrands 2013-2014
BestBrands 2012-2013

Brand ICON Leadership Awards
Coffee Table Book

Brand ICON 2017
Brand ICON 2016
Brand ICON 2015
Brand ICON 2014
Brand ICON 2013

SMEs BestBrands Awards
Coffee Table Book

SMEs BestBrand 2016-2017
SMEs BestBrand 2015-2016
SMEs BestBrand 2014
SMEs BestBrand 2013
SMEs BestBrand 2012

Prominent Business BestBrands
Coffee Table Book

Prominent BestBrands 2018

Bumiputera BestBrands
Coffee Table Book

Bumiputera BestBrands 2018