Congratulations to Datuk Lily Lim, the CEO of RJ Realty Sdn Bhd for receiving the BrandLaureate BrandLeadership e-Branding Awards 2020.

An inspiring and insightful leader and astute businesswoman, Lim is the driving force behind one of East Malaysia’s top real estate development firm RJ Realty Sdn Bhd.

She is every way a woman who inspires superlatives.

Born and bred in Kuching, Lily has an impressive credential, entrepreneurial spirit, and a burning desire to succeed.

Her character and commitment to building RJ Realty Sdn Bhd start from the grassroots level, which has gained trust from bankers, buyers, and business associates.

At a glance, her journey reads like an easy recipe – scouring the length and breadth of Kuching for potential land to build on, and then building on a solid foundation, designing a home from the heart, and then building it with a solid foundation.

Executing the recipe, however, was an arduous journey that details disciplined perseverance without shortcuts and entitlement.

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