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What make your brand unique and special? What gives your brand that award-winning personality? The photos and the article come together to tell the story of The Brand. The design and layout is tastefully executed, with visuals that showcase the Essence of the brand, which are unique things that people can identify the brand with.



Forged in shimmering gold and silver, The BrandLaureate – SMEs Chapter Awards 2009 trophy is a work of art, symbolizing the success brought by our country’s harmony. In the spirit of our national unity and peaceful diversity, the 3 pillars represent the strength of the brand and the people behind it working in harmony to build the brand. And this harmony has brought strength and stability to the people, permeating goodwill across industries, businesses and partnerships.

The pillars reach upwards, denoting a sense of optimism and continuous evolution. An exquisite golden globe rests atop the pillars, signifying the attainment of success for SMEs at the top of their game, the pinnacle of achievement. Winning The BrandLaureate – SMEs Chapter Awards 2009 is recognition of the hard work put into building the SME’s brand, a tribute to the uniqueness and quality of its brand of products and services.

Steps to Winning The BrandLaureate Award

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