Be The Brand, That’s It!

 is the theme of The BrandLaureate Awards 2010. It is a call to SMEs to build their brands to be the best and be recognised and identified as The Brand in their respective industries. SMEs must have a strong differentiation factor and brand identity if they want to stand tall and stand out amongst their competitors.

They must possess five very important elements. They are brand strategy, brand position, brand innovation, brand promise and brand culture. All these can be tied in to the five basic elements of the universe which are wood, earth, fire, metal and water. Each of these elements has its own energy and it synergises with the energy of a brand.

By building their brands, SMEs play a crucial role in helping the country meets its economic goals. Successful brands bring to the economy their best branding practices and this help to improve the country’s level of competitiveness. The time has come for SMEs to rise up to the challenge and be THE Brand that embeds its footprints in the minds of global consumers and makes Malaysia proud.



The BrandLaureate – SMEs Chapter Awards 2010 trophy is exclusively designed as a symbol of prestige and dignity to showcase the elite status of the Award. Recipients of the Awards are the best in their industries, befitting the theme “Be the Brand, That’s It”. The trophy in pewter denotes the elegance, dignity, confidence and sophistication of such brand leaders.

A pillar in the shape of a five pointed star rises from the base of the trophy, depicting the process of growth that these brands have undergone throughout the years – 

both in terms of the evolutionary changes that the brand has experienced as well as the expansion of business operations. This pillar also reflects an attitude of optimism and stability which has guided these brands in its journey to where it is today. Besides this, the five pointed star itself represents the five basic elements of branding: brand strategy, brand position, brand innovation, brand promise and brand culture.

Finally, the gold emblem speaks of the excellence and perfection upheld by The BrandLaureate. The outline of the globe in the inner circle unveils 

the vast potential that awardees have for expanding their sphere of influence across the globe. The laurel leaves signify the winning qualities of the recipients of the Award and that of The BrandLaureate Awards.

The BrandLaureate’s SMEs Chapter Awards trophy is a tribute to the most outstanding SME brands in the year 2010, a worthy recognition of the commitment, determination and innovation behind these brands which has helped them to get to where they are today.

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